Contoh surat rekomendasi dari perusahaan bantu urus visa

Jakarta 20 Jan 2011.

To The Embassy of…….
Jl. Merdeka Barat
Jakarta Pusat

Subject : Recommendation to obtain USA visa for our employee Antonio Selaras

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby we inform that Mr. Antonio Selaras is our employee, he has been working with our company since january 2005 as Marketing Manager.

He intend to visit USA on his vacation for two weeks, as soon as he back from his visit he still working as our employee. All expenses during his trip will be borne by him self.

We request your help to grant him necessary travel visa to enable him visit USA and enjoy the vacation.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation, please feel free to contact our personnel department if you need any information regarding this letter. We can be reached at 0813 XXX XXX.

Yours Sincerelly

Omas Yahya
Personnel Director


One Response

  1. kalo seandainya saia wiraswasta gitu..yg punya tempat usaha saya sendiri gimana ya cara buat surat rekomendasinya..mohon bantuannya..tolong email ke
    makasi banyak

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